• On-Site Professional Development Training and Consultation

    On-site Training
    SWMSS can provide professional development on-site training for in-service days, early release days, etc. The fees for on-site training are outlined below:
    *Rates effective December 1, 2013
    Hours of training Members Non-members
     up to 2 hours $500 $1000
     up to 4 hours $750 $1500
     up to 6 hours $1000 $2000
     up to 8 hours $1250 $2500

    Not sure if your school is a member? Check here.

    • Fees include travel expenses
    • In order to ensure a quality training, the cost of technology-related training may increase with a large audience
    • A second instructor will add 80% to the cost

    Consultation Rates
    Consulting work may include: 
    • providing expert advice to a small group
    • coaching - small group or one-on-one
    Consulting work is charged at the following rates for prep, on-site, and follow-up time:
     Members Non-members
     $75/hour $150/hour
    Not sure if your school is a member? Check here.
    Contact us for more information or to schedule.