~ as of January 10, 2018 ~

    DURABLE GOODS - All items ordered from this category will be delivered in Delivery 1 for each participating school. This was noted in the Order Form memo last fall.

    ITEM #127 - Hot Dogs & Corn Dogs - CORN DOG MINI - WG, RF, chicken or turkey, 2 M/MA +2 GRN EQ; State Fair 9180; 40/ 4 oz servings / case @ $20.66 / case
    ...this item is no longer available due to mfgr. shortages. Alt. mfgr/product = Foster Farms 96086; 40 / 4 oz / case @ $20.88 / case

    ITEM #466 - Bakery Products - PANCAKES (2 CT) - Cinnamon, WG, IW, 2 GRN EQ; The Max 9464304442; 80/3 oz @ $27.27 / case
    ...this item is no longer available to FSA. Alt. mfgr/product = Aunt Jemima (Pinnacle) Foods 43568; 72 / 3.2 oz @ $32.99/case.

    ITEM #345 - Ethnic Foods - BURRITO - WG, beef & bean, 2 M/MA+2 GRN EQ; Ruiz Food 1235; 50 / 5.78 oz @ $33.02 / case
    ...this item has been discountinued by the mfgr. Alt. mfgr/product = Los Cabos; 48 /5.2 oz; $31.89  /case

    ITEM #434 - Ethnic Foods - BURRITO - WG, bean & cheese, 2 M/MA+2 GRN EQ; Ruiz Food 06115; 50 / 6.68 oz @ $27.50 / case
    ...this item has been reformulated by the mfgr; brand code changed to 06321; case pack remains the same at 50/6.68 oz/case @ $33.02

    ITEM #265 - Vegetable - Blend - frozen, broccoli / cauliflower / carrot blend; Simplot 71179188377; 20 lbs @ $19.21 / case
    ...due to shortages with the mfgr. this item is no longer available. Alt. mfgr/product = FSA 65234; 12 / 2 lb / case @ $27.02 / case

     Please check the Food Nutrition Specs File Library for these alternative items.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Jennifer Brekke at jbrekke@swmss.coop or (406) 624-3336 ext. 0

     SWMSS Co-op Purchasing Food Order Details

    The Spring 2018 Item - Price List is now available.
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    Please click HERE for additional details about this program open to all Montana K-12 school districts, select Wyoming school districts, and child-based organizations in Montana.

    If you haven't participated in the SWMSS co-op food purchasing program in the past you will need a User ID & password to access the Marketplace ordering website. Please call Jennifer Brekke at the Southwest Montana School Services office and she will register you over the phone. If you choose to email her please include your name (first & last), title (typically Food Service Director), school district name, school name (if different), school email address, and the best phone number to reach you at your school. Jennifer will email you a confirmation with your login, password (temporary), and a link to the Marketplace. While you are waiting for your registration confirmation please download and print the Spring 2018 Item - Price List and begin filling out your order after familiarizing yourself with the items available in this order window.

    Please note that the order process is the same as it was for the Fall 2017 order, minus the part about losing whatever you entered if you walked away from the Marketplace too long and it logged you out. Hooray! Those items will be stored in your shopping cart - simply log back in, click the blue & green globe at the bottom of your home page, and the upper-ish right corner will say Shopping Cart with a number next to it. Click there to resume entering your order.

    The How To Place Your Order VIDEO (see below) has been revamped and is an excellent resource for ALL purchasers. Access the Marketplace and click the My Orders tab (upper right corner) to review previous orders you may have placed.



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    Spring 2018 Price List - Order Form PRINT ME :)

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    Food Nutrition Specs File Library - Spring 2018 Items

    UDSA TIP Sheet for Accepting Processed Product Documentation